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Yankees Looking for a Way Out with A-Rod?

January 30th, 2013 at 9:28 AM
By Bob Moseman

'Alex Rodriguez' photo (c) 2007, Keith Allison - license:

Whether it be rumors of an affair with "Madge" or opting out of a contract in the middle of a World Series he's not even playing in, third baseman Alex Rodriguez has always prioritized immersing himself into the spotlight. One can say this obsession with the spotlight began as early as 2000, his first run at free agency. At the time, then-New York Mets general manager Steve Phillips sat down with Rodriguez and as he courted the young shortstop, listened to some laughable demands.  As quoted by ESPN's Ian O'Connor in the 2011 article,

“But then Boras began asking for things that had nothing to do with A-Rod's alleged childhood fantasy of playing for the Mets. The list included a Shea Stadium office, a marketing staff, a merchandise tent at spring training, a luxury box, use of a private jet, and more billboards than Jeter could count.”

Needless to say, while there has been some good baseball sprinkled in between, which includes a who's who of personal accolades and a World Series title, Rodriguez's antics seemingly appear to have worn thin on Yankees brass, as senior writers Wallace Matthews and Andrew Marchand are collaboratively reporting that the Yankees are looking into voiding Rodriguez's contract.

'Alex Rodriguez' photo (c) 2009, Keith Allison - license:

While escaping the balance of Rodriguez's deal, which is to the tune of five-years, $114 million, would greatly convene with owner Hal Steinbrenner's edict of drastically reducing payroll, it's tough to speculate how realistic a void is. However, the Yankees statement yesterday supporting the Major League Baseball investigation into the latest performance-enhancing drug ring that alleges Rodriguez was a user in is not exactly endearing to their accused third-baseman, as they're simply looking to stay out of the proceedings. Furthermore, the collaborative report by Matthews and Marchand sheds a little light on the various ways the Yankees are looking into the potential void,

“According to an industry source, the Yankees "are looking at about 20 different things," including whether Rodriguez breached the contract by taking medical treatment from an outside doctor without the team's authorization, and the possibility that he might have broken the law by purchasing controlled substances from a Miami "wellness clinic" run by nutritionist Anthony Bosch.”

Until Major League Baseball and the DEA conclude their joint investigation, and specifically the MLB perspective, it is highly unlikely the Yankees can legally take action. Never the less, with the Yankees preparing for the long-term absence of Rodriguez, this process will have time to matriculate if general manager Brian Cashman and the rest of the Yankees brass are truly interested in going this route. 

Simply put, this story is a long way from being over.



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