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Alex Rodriguez Scheduled for Hip Surgery Today; New York Yankees Expect Mid-Season Return

January 16th, 2013 at 12:44 PM
By Karen Vankat

New York Yankees' third baseman Alex Rodriguez will undergo hip surgery today at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

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Dr. Bryan Kelly will be performing the two hour operation that will include removal of a cyst, repairing the torn hip labrum and a bone impingement.

"I like to tell people six months is a reasonable time frame for return to play when we're doing the procedure we're discussing with a bone correction," Kelly said as reported by "Optimistically speaking, what we're hoping for is for him to be able to return after the All-Star break."

This could have been the reason for his recent post season struggles where in the 2012 during the playoffs he batted just .120 going 3-for-25 with 12 strikeouts. The injury could have impeded his hip rotation which showed in the lack of strong at-bats.

Kelly told the media that he doesn't believe this injury to his hip was because of the use of performance enhancing drugs."His hip was formed like that from the age of 15. It doesn't change its shape after that," Kelly said. "In that respect, this has nothing to do with performance-enhancing drugs."

Kelly described the procedure saying three incisions will be made and a camera inserted to visualize the injuries. The torn labrum and bone impingement can be repaired the wildcard is the cartilage damage, which will be repaired if possible.

"We can definitely fix two of the three problems, the impingement and the labrum," Kelly said. "One thing is certain — the less permanent damage you have to the cartilage, the greater the probability is for return to pre-injury level of play."

After surgery A-Rod will need 6-to-12 weeks to heal before he can start range of motion exercises. The best case scenario for Rodriguez's return to the playing field looks like July, but if there are any set backs could be extended to August or beyond.

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