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Mark Teixeira Says Vicente Padilla’s Charge of Racism Untrue

July 9th, 2012 at 8:39 AM
By Karen Vankat

The war of words continue between New York Yankees' Mark Teixeira and Boston's reliever Vicente Padilla. This has take the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry into uncharted territory and to a whole new level.

ESPNdesportes reported Padilla has alleged that Teixeira's problem isn't with him, but Latin players in general. Reading in between the lines Padilla is basically accusing Teixeira of being racist.

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Teixeira told and beat reporters, "You guys can talk to every single one of my teammates," said Teixeira, who's been hit by Padilla three times in his career and on Friday hit a go-ahead triple off the right-hander. "That's crazy, but I wouldn't expect anything else really."  

Teixeira said the charges of racism are "completely erroneous."

Mark and Padilla were teammates on the Texas Rangers from 2006-07, where Padilla was known for hitting opposing team's players. Teixeira and then teammate Michael Young were frequent targets of retaliation because of Padilla's actions. Mark would let Padilla know his displeasure with what he was doing, basically tired of getting hit for Padilla's headhunting. Once they became opposing players Padilla hit Mark a number of times especially after hitting home runs off of him. This feud had been simmering for years and now that Padilla is the American League with Boston the two opponents are bound to face each other. This happened Saturday when Teixeira hit a two run triple off of Padilla in Friday night's win.

Padilla told Spanish reporters Saturday and Sunday that Teixeira threatened him with a bat and also had problems with fellow Texas reliever Frank Francisco. Francisco has a reputation of being wild and having a temper. Francisco was arrested in 2004 and the team forbid anyone to discuss the incident even among themselves. Texeira denied any outward conflict with Francisco.

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A player unnamed told that when they were all teammates on Texas he never saw Mark exhibit any kind of racial bias and no one on the team ever had Padilla's back. 

Padilla told Boston's NESN that Teixeira "would be better off playing a women's sport" eluding to Teixeira being a whiner and constant complainer.

Teixeira responded to the women's sport comment by saying that women's boxing is pretty tough and he didn't know if he could handle that.

These two teams will meet 12 more times before the end of the season and manager Joe Girardi said if a game isn't close he would consider taking Teixeira out of a game to avoid any injury.


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