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Boston Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine Fueling Rivalry with New York Yankees

February 28th, 2012 at 7:06 PM
By Daniel Sirianni

Just as baseball's best rivalry between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox seemed to be cooling down, things began heating up when Boston hired Bobby Valentine as their new manager. 

Back in December, Valentine started his Boston tenure off by stating that he hates the Yankees. He tried to laugh off the comment once he realized the media frenzy it would cause, but the words were already spoken.

Tuesday, Valentine was heard taking jabs at two star players of the Yankees, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, while speaking with reporters in Fort Meyers, Florida, reports Anthony McCarron of

Valentine was first asked about Jeter's famous play where he roamed across the field from shortstop to catch an off-line throw from right field and flipped the ball home to get out Oakland Athletics' base runner Jeremy Giambi in the third game of the ALDS. It was an amazing play by Jeter, and according to the Yankees, taught and practiced during spring training. However, Valentine doesn't believe that and isn't willing to give Jeter too much credit. 

"We'll never practice that. We'll never practice that," said Valentine. "I think the ball gets him out if Jeter doesn't touch it, personally." 

The ball was off to the side of the plate, so it would've been almost impossible for catcher Jorge Posada to go after the ball and still have time to recover and tag Giambi without Jeter being there to relay the throw. 

If that wasn't enough, Valentine then took a shot at A-Rod while discussing former Boston captain Jason Varitek, who recently announced he is retiring. 

"From afar, he was everything that you want in a guy who wore a "C" to be. He was a man's man. He was a big hitter when needed. He was the leader of the pitching staff. He was able to beat up Alex. All that stuff is good stuff. He was exactly what he was supposed to be."

Valentine was talking about the fight between the two clubs which happened on July 24, 2004 when Varitek and A-Rod got into an altercation at the plate. The fight started while Rodriguez was coming up to bat and the two players exchanged words, leading Varitek, in his catcher's gear and mask, to push his glove and throwing hand into A-Rod's face which caused both teams to rush onto the field. 

Yankees manager Joe Girardi has not yet fired back at the Yankees. The players have also been quiet. However, the Yankees won the division last year, finishing with the best record in the American League, while the Red Sox missed the playoffs, so New York could be waiting to show Boston how they feel on the field rather than going back and forth with words. 

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